Rob Papp

Rob Papp is a musician from the Mornington Peninsula with many years of experience performing in bands, duos and solo gigs. He encompasses and embraces all styles of music

Robs career was influenced by a mix of Australian rock artist from Billy Thorpe to the Skyhook,
until Rob meet College of the Arts founder Bruce Clarke who tutored Rob in a comprehensive education of reading, writing and playing music he also took Rob on as a protégé and introduced Rob to the world of Jazz.


After a few years of playing in Jazz ensembles with Bruce Clarke, Rob decided it was time to explore alternative styles of music and went overseas to study at GIT (Guitar Institute of Technology) In Los Angeles, where he got to meet such legends as Joe Pass and Tommy Tedesco.
Rob had a comprehensive education in music theory and now was the time to work on chops and lick.

The Theory of Music

Rob established Blue Note College of Music in 1988, with the intention of providing a complete package for learning and playing music for musicians from all performance backgrounds.
Most of the teachers at Blue Note were professional players and many of the students are today carrying on this legacy of playing and teaching music.


Rob has performed at  Festivals such a Narooma Blues, Eucha Blues, Mornington Street Festival, The Blues@the Briers Festival, Bendigo Blues Festival and Functions for the MPVA.
He has also performed at most of the Peninsula Wineries and Melbourne Clubs including:  Crown Casino, The Highet Hotel, The Melbourne Arts Centre, The Sydney Arts Centre, and The Entertainment Centre, plus too many bars, pubs and weddings to mention.


Rob is an experienced musician with a passionate commitment to his craft and a desire to continually push himself and challenge his skills and techniques as a Singer and Guitar Player.

He has a knack for captivating audiences with his distinctive guitar playing, He puts a modern spin on classics from the greats like John Lee Hooker, Buddy Guy and Robert Johnson, mixing in some contemporary material as well.

His skill on guitar is undeniable, as he puts his own spin on classic blues tunes and fuses it with jazz and funk elements to form something truly unique.

With lots of experience performing live and delivering unforgettable shows, Rob is an amazing artist to witness in person